Designed by: Hana Azmi
Location: Alexandria, Egypt.
Type: Sports Buildings.
College Subject: Bachelor Graduation Project.
Grade: A+ (Top of Class)
Year: 2018.
Design Duration: 1 Semester.
Programs used: SketchUp, V-Ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, Photoshop,  Adobe Sketch & AutoCAD.

Main shot: showing the entrance with the outdoor skatepark
Ismail Pasha Monument in Alexandria


Preliminary Sketch
Dynamic Movement & Circulation between plans and section

Movement is the main feature in this project. How a person moves between zones and in between obstacles (sports/games) will effect the shape of the form. Movement is done on different levels, with different routes to accommodate different types of users.

SIGNIFICANCE: With the rise of the new urban sports, like skateboarding joining the summer Olympics, Egyptian youth are now looking for new ways to express themselves. Having no place to perform these new activities, they end up taking the streets, where they are unwelcome and unsafe.
PROBLEMS: Limited number of the urban athletes and lack of awareness and training facilities of these type of sports. Therefore, having a building that can be a safe haven for the different and diverse types of athletes makes them together much stronger and the Urban Sports Hub can be sustainable and successful.
AIM: To dynamically expose Alexandrian and Egyptians to these sports through outdoor extensions to the sports. The plaza is meeting point for all these sports together.



I chose this project because I am extremely passionate about sports as I am an active skateboarder and MMA/Kickboxer. I wanted to design a sports building that has all the missing and extremely needed new/urban sports in Egypt together. Some of them are: MMA, Skateboarding, Climbing, Trampoline Park, Parkour and many more together.
I wanted to challenge myself even further by designing Architecture, Interior and Furniture design together to make a holistic design.
I focused on the interior design of the Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility and Interior Skatepark with its Café. I also supplemented my design with the “Furniture Silhoutte” of the reception area. 

Architecture Design

Interior Skatepark & Café


Water elements creates a unique experience for the building approach
Continues activities under the Shade of the Plaza
Arena approach and parking entrance


This was the Architecture design of my graduation project. Check out the other parts of the whole project!

Interior Skatepark & Café