Designed by: Hana Azmi
Location: Fouad St. Alexandria, Egypt.
Type: Restaurant/Coffee Shops.
Client: Chaque Jour.
Opening Day: 2nd of February, 2018.
Design Duration: 2 Month.
Construction Duration: 6 Months.
Construction: 2017-2018.
Programs used: SketchUp, V-Ray, Photoshop & AutoCAD.

Chaque Jour's elevation from Fouad Street

SIGNIFICANCE: Located in one of the oldest and historical Street in the world, Foad St. is in the heart of Alexandria, Egypt. For the past few years it has been transitioning from mainly old offices/banking buildings to an outstanding mix-use with a strong Food & Beverage businesses that keeps the life in the street after the office hours.
PROBLEM: A new French Pâtisserie & Café with its 1st branch, in a street that has strong business competition & historical ties. The design need to reflect the French business concept while respecting the history of the street and also having a French-look, from the small facade to the cozy Interior.
MY ROLE: As the main and sole Architect, I’ve designed the elevation, ground floor plan layout and the atmosphere of the café. I’ve also supervised this project from the initial business ideas, construction, to the grand opening.
WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Being one of the co-owners of this business, I was able to see how the design affects the actual business. That design is a never ending process that is always changing with different needs for seasons and special occasions. It needs to be adaptable during it’s operation.

CONCEPT: The business focus more on the Take-Away, therefore the display counter was the main feature and expending to the facade. The recessed part give it depth that acts as a magnet to the pedestrian and cars passing. It also act as an outdoor selling area during special occasions. The Royal Blue color was chosen as the brand color and the main color for the elevation which has classical ornaments that reflects the street history.

The recessed part acts as an extra outdoor selling area for special occasions. Photo taken during Ramadan.
The angular display allows for maximum display area and is inviting - Picture taken during Christmas decorations.
Christmas decoration on the elevation and entrance. The façade is designed to be dynamic.
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Ground Floor Display and Counter - Entrance door on the right side.
Before Construction - The entrance door was on the left.
During Construction - The ground floor's main entrance.
First Floor Main Seating Area showing the bar area,
Before Construction - The Slab was thicker. It was bad for view & natural light.
During Construction - The Slab was trimmed and thinned for a better design.