Designed by: Hana Azmi
Location: Alexandria, Egypt.
Type: Sports Buildings.
College Subject: Bachelor Graduation Project.
Grade: A+ (Top of Class)
Year: 2018.
Design Duration: 1 Semester.
Programs used: SketchUp, V-Ray, Photoshop,  Adobe Sketch & AutoCAD.

The space entrance showing different training platforms on multiple levels and the café on the mezzanine.

SIGNIFICANCE: Mixed Martial Arts is booming everywhere and in Egypt too. Its good to learn how to defend yourself and others, builds up confidence, especially for females, have a lot of different types of competition to stay motivated.
Boxing and Taekwondo, are in the Olympics, and Egyptians have won medals before in each of them. So, its important to have a professional place which is well maintained.
PROBLEM: There are lots of athletes with different ages who train. So far all of the places in Egypt and especially Alexandria are lacking space, tools, equipment, rings and mats. They use the basement of or the first floor of an apartment building that offers a poor training experience.
AIM: A state of the art Martial Arts facility, that has a full size Boxing Ring, Octagon Cage, 150 sq. meter of padded mats that can be used for all types of Martial Arts. A General Training Area is in a lower level, that has 16 Sand Bags, 6 Double End Bags, 2 Speed Ball , 2 Boxing Dummies, Heavy Ropes, Shadow Boxing area with a 8 meter mirror.



I chose this project because I am extremely passionate about sports as I am an active skateboarder and MMA/Kickboxer. I wanted to design a sports building that has all the missing and extremely needed new/urban sports in Egypt together. Some of them are: MMA, Skateboarding, Climbing, Trampoline Park, Parkour and many more together.
I wanted to challenge myself even further by designing Architecture, Interior and Furniture design together to make a holistic design.
I focused on the interior design of the Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility and Interior Skatepark with its Café. I also supplemented my design with the “Furniture Silhoutte” of the reception area. 

Architecture Design

Interior Skatepark & Café


Level change between each zone
Boxing Ring
Sandbags and Mirror For Shadow Boxing
MMA Section


This was the MMA Training Facility Interior design of my graduation project. Check out the other parts of the whole project!


Interior Skatepark & Café