Egyptian Embassy in Juba

Designed by: Hana Azmi
Location: Juba, South Sudan.
Type: Governmental Building.
College Subject: Design 5.
Grade: A (Top of Class)
Year: 2015.
Design Duration: 1 Semester.
Programs used: SketchUp, V-Ray, Photoshop & AutoCAD.

Egyptian Embassy in Juba (Capiital of South Sudan).

SIGNIFICANCE: South Sudan is the newest country in the world, which gained its Independence in 2011. It is really important that Egypt open its first Embassy in the capital Juba, because it will maintain diplomatic relations and serve the people there.
PROBLEM: South Sudan is at the equator, thus it has heavy rains. The sun rays are almost most of the day perpendicular on the land and building surfaces.
AIM: To make the building in-harmony with the environment and as Eco-friendly as possible through green roofs, solar panels, clerestory and high building surface area for Ventilation and Natural light. Another goal is to bridge the South Sudanese and Egyptian though cultural activities in the public area. Last but not least, is to improve productivity of the employees and their residential facilities though small gym, pool and entertainment center in their residential facilities.

Sustainable Building
Bringing Communities Together
High Security and Privacy



Rain Water Drainage
Green Roof
Solar Panels for Parking

1 – Shades
2 – Privacy
3 – Filters Air
4 – Reduce Heat Gean

Outdoor Corridor


1 – Main Lobby
2 – Public and Culture Zone
3 – Public Plaza for Activities
4 – VIP Entrance           
5 – Multi-Purpose
6 – Private and Secured Offices
7 – Residential Lobby

8 – Residential Restaurant
9 – Kitchen
10 – Library
11 – Residential Lounge
12 – Residential Gym
13 – VISA and Other Services
14 – VIP Lounge

15 – Ambassador Office
16 – Ambassador Apartment
17 – Employees Private Bedrooms
18 – Ambassador Apt. Lobby
19 – Swimming Pool
20 – Employee Entertainment Area
21 – Employee Parking
22 – VIP Parking and Security

The residential building is connected with the embassy through bridges.
English Court between the Residential Building and The Embassy.