Designed by: Hana Azmi
Location: Alexandria, Egypt.
Type: Sports Furniture.
College Subject: Furniture Design
Grade: A+ (Top of Class)
Year: 2017.
Design Duration: 4 Weeks.
Programs used: SketchUp, V-Ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, Photoshop,  & AutoCAD.

Waiting area.

SIGNIFICANCE: Reception areas are the first enclosed space that users get to see and use in any building. This Reception area is for a sport building, needing to express the athletic movement to welcome them in the building.
AIM: Furniture are static, people use them to be pin-pointed in the space. Making them have a dynamic feel, will further add to the artistic side of the athletes movement. It captures the human form and artistic expressions, while respecting the functions of the furniture and the ergonomics of the users.


This furniture design was a part of my graduation project, which was a sports building. Check out the other parts of the whole project!



Interior Skatepark & Café


Combining the ergonomics of the human body with the athletic dynamic movement was the main design inspiration. The main design unit was the repeated overlapping ribbon.
This Ribbon was repeated, changing its profile to create a modern sofa. Part A and B overlapped in the SEAT area, for comfort. Part A was for the BACK rest, while Part B was for the LEGS. Form inspired from Parkour.


Maquette was used for the developing of the design


Waiting Area

The profile is extruded forming strips that are repeated, then offsets and is extruded at the ends. This form has 3 points of contact with the glass top and 2 with the ground. Form inspired from Capoeira.


Reception Area

The head is used as a privacy barrier elevated with aluminum columns with a glass panel on top. The space between the arms and legs is used as drawers on both ends.
Form inspired from Capoeira.

Information Desk