About me.

A young ambitious architect with a strong passion for design, and experience in multiple domains. I received my master of architecture degree from KU Leuven, Belgium in June 2021. I’ve been working since then with TRiAS architecture office, on a variety of architecture projects, including, a winning sports building competition, residential complexes, office buildings and 3D printed buildings with polymer concrete. I also spent 5 months at the AVDK architecture office (Kortrijk, Belgium) with a focus on house and office renovation. I have more than 2 years of work experience including more than a year in Belgium.

Possessing freelance experience since the second year of my BSc allowed me to work on designing up to realizing multiple kitchens, and residential apartments in both Egypt and France. Also, I was involved in designing the façade and the interior of a café establishment as well as on-site supervision. Furthermore, I was chosen to assist in teaching multiple BSc level architecture design courses.

I believe my ability to develop a clear design vision based on the client’s needs along with my excellent skill in quickly creating multiple creative and unique design proposals with high quality 3D renders for both architecture and interior designs are my greatest strengths. This allows me to ensure that my client’s requirements are optimally met. Additionally, welcoming all constructive feedback and embracing challenges that push me out of my comfort zone elevate my experience and my steady progression.


What I Did

– Master degree holder in Architecture & Sustainable Design from KU Leuven in Belgium.
– Designed Kitchens.
– Remodeled Apartments.
– Co-founded, designed and managed a french café and pâtisserie, Chaque Jour.
– Worked on BIO Home with a French team of Engineers and Designers.
– Was a College Teaching Assistant.
– Remodeling an apartment in Marseille, France.

What I'm Currently Doing

– Working as an Architectural Designer with TRiAS Architecten in Mechelen, Belgium.
– Freelancing.
– Designing a Luxury Store in Cairo, Egypt.
– Learning about the future of building design process and management.

What I'm Planning on Doing

– Continue doing projects I’m passionate about.
– Work on sports and cultural buildings.
– Work on alternative homes.
– Work with an international team.
– Focus on sustainable designs.
– Implement AI and Machine learning in the design and building process.


– Design (Architecture & Interior).
– Creative Problem-Solving.
– Management.
– Analytical Thinking.
– Leadership.


– Sketchup & V-Ray
– Rhino & Grasshopper
– Photoshop & InDesign
– AutoCAD
– Revit
– Twin Motion
– WordPress & Elementor


– Arabic: Native
– English: Fluent
– French: Near Fluent
– Dutch: Intermediate – A2 (Learning)